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Audit and Assurance

Audit/accountancy licenses are granted, monitored and regulated under the Company Law and the assigned Regulated Bodies.TDM Audit Services Ltd maintains a flexible audit approach enabling it to respond promptly and effectively to the individual needs and requirements of its clients.

Our audit methodology is not limited to the provision of our final audit report, as an in depth evaluation of the client's internal control systems, regulatory framework and financial reporting systems, forms an integrated part of our work to be done in this field of offered services.Thus we see ourselves not just as auditors providing our opinion on the financial statements of our clients, but also as independent external advisors offering our advice on a wide spectrum of matters and issues with the aim to assist our clients to enhance and improve their business within a well-controlled business environment.

Specifically our auditing service provides to the client the following:

  • Statutory audit of the Financial statements.

  • Specific purpose audit

  • Internal audit

  • Constructive advice and recommendations on the systems of internal control & operations


Auditing & Accounting 


We strongly believe that the provision of timely and accurate financial information is crucial for businesses in order to: 

  • Improve their control over their statutory reporting position

  • Provide timely delivery of required information

  • Avoid manual intervention & thus reducing the risk of errors (by using computerized accounting software)

  • Improve transparency

  • Maintain the required compliance with the local statutory demands


Through our well-trained and experienced associates we offer the following services:  

  • Bookkeeping using computerized accounting software  

  • Assistance in the setting up of computerized accounting systems at client's premises     

  • Training of staff in maintaining proper accounting records

  • Payroll processing and administration       

  • General ledger & financial statements preparation   

  • Monthly, quarterly, six monthly and yearly financial reporting on company's performance for management purposes       

  • VAT bookkeeping       

  • Ageing analysis of debtors     

  • Preparation of debtors statements of account      

  • Bank reconciliation with the monthly bank statements      

  • Reconciliation of creditors balances ​with the creditors statements of account